Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Statement of Intent

When I'm down, pop music can occasionally bring temporary euphoria. Rock (if most of it weren't so rubbish-y) can make me feel empowered, hip-hop can make me move but occasionally, that's not enough. Sometimes, it's got to be twang (vocal or guitar), gimmicks, melodrama and misery; rotgut with eyeliner.

Country music sits with you at the bar while you down crap beer and wallow in your own misery. People who say "I like everything except country" are also, conveniently, the stupidest people in the world, and this shall be a safe haven from them.

Country is as glamorous and airbrushed as any R&B starlet or dance diva, and each song covered will be examined through the prism of poptimism; let the indie kids dissect their Wilco as much as they want - we're happier with Gretchen.


Blogger Brian C said...

I totally hear you Ed.

I often have to stop the dross. I go " back " to the blues or "into" the country.

I come back refreshed ready to cope with the unending crush of pop, rap and the rest of the media darlings...

I spent 12 days in Texas once and heard 28 different bands including WIllie Nelson and Delbert McClinton on the same show. Now that was escapism.

3:39 AM  

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