Monday, March 14, 2005

Jo Dee Messina - My Give A Damn Is Busted

What they won't admit, but they know it, is whenever that wit who forwards that list of high-larious REAL country music songs to your inbox for the 94th time, they're secretly wishing that they had the art of a great line as down pat as your average country song writer. Oh yes, how droll it is - laugh at the silly song titles, but deny the sublime puncta that these songs often contain and you're a moron, pure and simple.

Jo Dee knows punctum - her impish, clipped arch aside in the chorus - "Let me dig a little deeper.... no! sorry, nothing!" - is the sort of deviously tricky nagging hook that few can pull off. The second verse drops references Prozac, co-dependence and enablers over ferocious fiddles - yuppie psychological angst being mocked mercilessly over country twang - magnificent combination, that. The mocking works. The non-sequiturs work ("Go ahead and water the lawn!").

The likely-false profession of feeling nothing is given away by the mix of cold contempt and taunting that probably makes her man feel about.. ooh.. THIS tall, or at least makes him feel as if he's had his genitals removed and placed in a jar atop her mantle. She half-laughs "You've really done it this time" and few dismissals are so clipped - devastatingly perfect and perfectly devastating.


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